Wireless Sensor Monitoring

Wireless sensors give you easy access to real-time data in your operations.

Measure temperature, humidity, vibration, motion, presence, etc. on different locations and important assets can provide you insightful data in real-time that enables you to take decisions faster and optimize and measure better your operations. Make it easy is part of the Cobugs promise!

Keep track and measure from real sensors what is important to you without effort. Trigger actions and receive notification alerts as you define it, and monitor and display centrally and with your existing tools from multiple sources.


  • Measure and track from different sensors.
  • Trigger and notify based on different treshold criterias defined by you
  • Monitor multiple sources centrally without effort
  • Improve your operations

We make IOT easy. Cobugs...

  • Empowers operations personnel to embed IoT into their processes with the simplicity of a spreadsheet
  • Build your business process and create your solution the same way you think
  • Deploy and improve your solution as/when you need it in a simple way
  • Connect your sensor data with your existing tools