Time Measuring

Monitor your processes in real time to measure and optimize each step in your value chain.

Measure and calculate timings on process is of paramount importance to optimize your operations. Alerting you of delays on the production or delivery chain on time can bring you the needed insight to save money and time. Understanding how much your machinery is used can improve your efficiency Measure and optimize your processes by using sensors the easy way.

Measure and indicate delays on your operations, calculate and improve usage of important assets, alert about problems on you production chain before they are critical, provide notifications based on timing for maintenance or operations. Increase your productivity and efficiency based on real data.


  • Improve your proecesses and operations
  • Avoid and alert of delays in real time.
  • Save money
  • Invrease productivity

We make IOT easy. Cobugs...

  • Empowers operations personnel to embed IoT into their processes with the simplicity of a spreadsheet
  • Build your business process and create your solution the same way you think
  • Deploy and improve your solution as/when you need it in a simple way
  • Connect your sensor data with your existing tools