Stock Management

View your inventory in real time and automate your stock reposition on time.

Measure, maintain and refill stock levels in real time brings you more efficiency in the daily operations of your company. Automate reposition based on your own criteria saves time and money.

With Cobugs stock and inventory management templates you can save time and increase accuracy, easily connect with your existing system and go straight to your needs. From Kanban cards to volumetric sensors or button reposition, Cobugs can help you making your operations excel.

Key benefits:

  • Save time
  • Increase accuracy
  • Reduce waste or overstocks
  • Automate reposition orders

We make IOT easy. Cobugs...

  • Empowers operations personnel to embed IoT into their processes with the simplicity of a spreadsheet
  • Build your business process and create your solution the same way you think
  • Deploy and improve your solution as/when you need it in a simple way
  • Connect your sensor data with your existing tools