Direct Communication

Communicate, differentiate or alert about whatever you need in an easily and effortless way.

Communicating the field (production plant, installation, …) with technical office people is a challenge. Direct communication allows not only to gather data from your assets but also to communicate directly with them. Use indicators in the field (sound, light) to alert for maintenance; if a production batch is faulty, make the parts indicate they need to be out of the line; have a physical board representing the status of different batch in the place that is really needed. Those are examples of what it means to gather and place information where it’s really needed.

Use all the power of IoT to provide real feedback on the field and in real time and improve your day to day. Bring information to your manufacturing plant based on real data to increase efficiency and optimize your operations.


  • Feedback on the field in real time
  • Better and faster decisions.
  • Save money
  • Increase efficieny

We make IOT easy. Cobugs...

  • Empowers operations personnel to embed IoT into their processes with the simplicity of a spreadsheet
  • Build your business process and create your solution the same way you think
  • Deploy and improve your solution as/when you need it in a simple way
  • Connect your sensor data with your existing tools