Asset Tracking

Know the status of your moving assets. Deliver what is needed, and on-time.

Monitor the location of your key assets, being notified of heir progress and alert you in case of any incidents will bring you more insights to react and take decisions faster that cost you money. With Cobugs Asset tracking templates you can be informed on time about the position of every asset you need in an effortless and affordable way.

Maximize the productivity of your assets taking control of its condition and location. Minimize the risks of of damage, loss and theft increasing the transparency of your operations, control and improve the accountability of your operations.

Key benefits:

  • Never lose an asset again
  • Save time & Money
  • Improve accountability

We make IOT easy. Cobugs...

  • Empowers operations personnel to embed IoT into their processes with the simplicity of a spreadsheet
  • Build your business process and create your solution the same way you think
  • Deploy and improve your solution as/when you need it in a simple way
  • Connect your sensor data with your existing tools